Urban sewage treatment equipment sewage treatment equipment is suitable for distributed sewage treatment in rural township

by:Jinwantong     2021-02-11
Many netizens in consulting the question of urban sewage treatment equipment today, this small make up on the Internet to find the eighth article about introduction of urban sewage treatment equipment related information, please follow look small make up city sewage treatment equipment, sewage treatment equipment of fujian buried sewage treatment equipment 2, urban sewage treatment equipment integration of three cities sewage treatment equipment, the rural sewage treatment equipment city sewage treatment equipment, urban sewage treatment experiment equipment for the original title: urban sewage treatment 3 experimental equipment. Shall be used for the installation of the power circuit and control line: environmentally friendly flame retardant electrical wiring slot, specification meet the national standards, with insulation, prevent the characteristics such as arc, flame retardant from extinguish, wiring, installation and reliable, easy to find, repair and change the line 3. The original water tank and fresh water every 5:1, intermediate tank white PP board, 10 mm, the thickness of base plate installed on the exhaust valve, convenient water net 5. Mesa, 10 mm thick white PP board) , brushed silver double-color board sign ( Equipment of the main unit name, facilitate students to understand the equipment) 6. Power supply control system: double inferior smooth dense coating 1 electric cabinet, leakage protector, Delixi) , voltmeter, self-locking button with a light switch ( Chint) 、线槽等组城市污水处理设备成,控制箱面板采用铝质凹字技术制作五、大蒜污水处理设备大蒜污水处理设备,是一种能有效处理城市污水处理设备城区的生活污水,工业废水等的工业设备,避免污水及污染物直接流入水域,对改善生态环境、提升城市品位和促进经济发展具有重要意义大蒜污水处理设备适宜住宅小区、医院疗养院、办公楼、商场、宾馆、饭店、机关、学校、 水产加工厂、牲蓄加工厂、乳品加工厂等生活污水和与之类似的工业有机废水,如纺织、啤酒、造纸、制革、食品、化工等行业的有机污水处理,主要目的是将生活污水和与之相类似的工业有机废水处理后达到回用水质要求,使废水处理后资源化利用1、采用高效菌种、高浓度活性污泥的sbr工艺,系统内污泥生物量是传统工艺的3倍多,污染物去除率高,脱氮效果好,是目前采用完全生化工艺达标一级A的一体化污水处理设备2 服务目标:以优良的产品、完善的售后服务赢得用户满意4 服务原则:一年保修,终生维护 ,在保修期内供方将免费提供维修和更换因质量原因造成的零部件损坏,保修期零部件的损坏,提供的配件只收成本费六、农村乡镇污水处理设备适合分散式污水处理由于村镇污水 具有排水量小儿分散、水质波动比较大等特点,以及与城市相比,村镇在社会、经济和技术等条件上的差异,在村镇污水处理上不宜采用较为成熟的城市污水工艺,而一些所谓的生态型工艺往往不能满足处理要求,或缺乏实施的条件( Such as land resources) And should use some process is simple and good treatment effect, covers an area of provincial, low energy consumption, simple operation and management, secondary pollution and less advanced town sewage treatment process, adopts the distributed method for processing the new combined compound biological filter reactor, a new compound biological filter reactor due to the modular structure of the special design and composite filter material, not only overcomes the shortcomings of traditional biological filter is easy to jam, also greatly improved the urban sewage treatment equipment should implement the processing efficiency and stability, has a good processing effect, high treatment efficiency, simple structure, low construction cost, covers an area of the province, low energy consumption, Only hydraulic promoted, no other energy consumption) , convenient operation management, low operation cost of various advantages, at the same time also have certain ability of denitrification and phosphorus removal reactor, and impact resistance load in addition, the development of integrating pretreatment, secondary processing and deep processing of middle and small town sewage treatment integration equipment, is a trend in the development of decentralized sewage treatment at home and abroad, in the villages and towns sewage treatment will have broad prospect of application integration equipment is mainly used in anaerobic - Aerobic - Combination the second pond process, both the function of the degradation of organic matter and nitrogen, the effluent BOD5 seven, sewage treatment equipment for the future development direction under the water treatment equipment to share three fai for rural sewage treatment methods, and the rural sewage treatment of problems need to be taken into account when do not complicate the problem of simple, speak a lot of farmers could not understand the concept of the term, let farmers lost interest in listening to it, or even lose the trust of the policy of urban sewage treatment equipment technology and its practitioners, this is what leads to difficult to promote rural sewage treatment at present, an important reason about the rural sewage treatment file with packing the PPP and terminology, a pile of urban sewage treatment process for farmers and grassroots cadres aimless, unknown to use BianJiaoDe priority, wasteland, etc. , so as to avoid farmers contracted land requisition, due to the design of construction of sewage treatment facilities, reduce the supply of land is difficult, to ensure that the facilities to be born to farmers to reduce the economic burden is very important
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