Wash the sand field sand filter press automatic pull plate filter machine wash sludge treatment equipment

by:Jinwantong     2020-11-27
Many netizens in consulting about washing sand field filter press today small make up this site on the Internet to find an article about introduction to wash the sand filter press information, please follow look small make up belt filter pause type washing sand field a filter press, filter press, knowledge sharing washing sand field sludge filter press equipment capacity low reason 1, flocculation reagent selection: wastewater treatment in different industries or different place washing sand filter mechanism of sludge dewatering, the flocculating agent used is different, sometimes you also need to add the necessary help clot ethephon 3, soluble medicine device can ensure the curing time and curing condition is the best, make the belt type filter press to give full play to the productive in a row, washed sand filter press filter sewage treatment medicine device can ensure ethephon molecular chain is not broken, the activity will not be degradation, enough to withstand the pressures which created the sludge flocs, etc. , are all belong to the technical aspects of the design factors of the influence of the processing capacity of sludge filter press equipment: so, gravity dehydration zone is the first belt type filter press processing capability of the main factors of 2, wedge dehydration zone: as the belt running, enter the wedge type sludge dewatering area, wedge zone of the dual role of both gravity dehydration and squeeze dewatering so, wedge area is also affect the sludge with sand washing of filter press filter press equipment processing power of one of the main factors
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