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by:Jinwantong     2020-11-29
Many netizens in consulting questions about washing factory sewage treatment equipment today small make up on the Internet to find an article about this website introduces the washing factory sewage treatment equipment related information, please follow look small make up regulating pond submersible sewage pump raised two stations, will ascend into sewage coagulation sedimentation tank, waste water in the pool after reaction with drug combination, remove foam, suspended solids, and precipitation, supernatant water into the hydrolysis acidification pool, through the role of anaerobic microorganisms and oxygen, the conversion of large molecules pollutants or degraded into small molecular substances, hard biodegradable organic matter into easily biodegradable organic matter, in order to improve the wastewater can be biochemical properties of hydrolysis acidification pool water from flowing into biological contact pool, through the role of aerobic microorganisms, the washing wastewater to factory sewage treatment equipment, the contaminants into H2O and CO2, NH3, such as material, its purpose is to large molecular weight protein decomposition of organic pollutants (pops) such as sand washing plant sewage treatment equipment into smaller molecular weight organic matter removal of COD, BOD in the wastewater substantially contact oxidation pool water into MBR membrane ultrafiltration system for mud separation, after disinfection water pollution index reach the prescribed discharge standards. Laundry wastewater after treated with the above system can be reuse, again after the removal of hardness, and conducive to reducing the amount of detergent, and easier to clean clothes, also known as dehydrating agent, used for dewatering sludge conditioning, before its varieties include the part of the flocculant and coagulant aid is sometimes also known as stabilizing agent, mainly used in the wastewater containing emulsified oil gas floating pretreatment, its varieties include the parts of a flocculant and coagulant aid, laundry plant wastewater treatment equipment wastewater pollutants in divided into soluble organic matter and non soluble substances ( The SS) , soluble organic matter under certain conditions, can be converted into the solution and solution, one of the sewage treatment method is to add coagulant and flocculant convey to make the most of soluble organic matter of soluble substances, then all or most of the solution and solution ( The SS) Removal of sewage treatment in order to achieve the purpose of, and the main methods of removal of SS is the method of using air floatation ( 1) The main pollutants in waste water of complex - — Anionic surfactant into the water after the price list together with other pollutants sewage processing equipment, to form a dispersed colloidal particles, the LAS wastewater such as surfactant to disperse and surface adsorption exists in the form of two kinds of colloidal particles, has a great influence on the physicochemical and biochemical properties of wastewater ( 2) Waste water quality fluctuation, emission rule number alkaline washing wastewater, PH around 8 ~ 11 finished products between sewage treatment equipment, waste water and anionic surfactant LAS load is in commonly 10 ~ 60 mg/L, COD differences can be from hundreds to thousands of mg/L in some big washing capacity: laundry plant wastewater often contains large molecular weight of surfactant, lack of indispensable nitrogen, microbial synthesis cells make such wastewater biodegradation is difficult 4, dissolved air flotation machine washing factory sewage treatment equipment float into the water when the aeration gas, to remove the surfactant in the water and bad smell has obvious effect, by aeration increase the dissolved oxygen in the water at the same time, provides favorable conditions for subsequent processing
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