Washing factory sewage treatment equipment linen washing wastewater treatment draperies cleaning sewage treatment equipment is introduced

by:Jinwantong     2020-11-30
Many netizens in consulting questions about washing factory sewage treatment equipment today small make up this site on the Internet to find the three articles about washing factory sewage treatment equipment related information, please follow look small make up regulating pond submersible sewage pump raised two stations, will ascend into sewage coagulation sedimentation tank, waste water in the pool after reaction with drug combination, remove foam, suspended solids, and precipitation, supernatant water into the hydrolysis acidification pool, through the role of anaerobic microorganisms and oxygen, the conversion of large molecules pollutants or degraded into small molecular substances, hard biodegradable organic matter into easily biodegradable organic matter, in order to improve the wastewater can be biochemical properties of hydrolysis acidification pool pool of water from flowing into biological contact, through the role of aerobic microorganisms, pollutants in wastewater to decompose, into H2O and CO2, NH3, such as material, the purpose is to decomposition of organic pollutants (pops) such as large molecular weight proteins into smaller molecular weight organic matter removal of COD, BOD in the wastewater substantially contact oxidation pool water entering the MBR membrane ultrafiltration system for mud water from washing factory sewage treatment equipment, after disinfection water pollution index reach the prescribed discharge standards. Laundry wastewater after treated with the above system can be reuse, again after the removal of hardness, and conducive to reducing the amount of detergent, and easier to clean clothes, also known as dehydrating agent, used for dewatering sludge conditioning, before its varieties include the part of the flocculant and coagulant aid is sometimes also known as stabilizing agent, mainly used in the wastewater containing emulsified oil gas floating pretreatment, its varieties include the part of the flocculant and coagulant aid garment factories, garment washing workshop of wastewater treatment wastewater treatment process equipment is introduced by pulse into the water, forming large instantaneous flow and combined with more water, can be hydrolyzed form of suspended sludge layer on the bottom of the pool, at the same time makes the hydrolysis of pollutants in waste water pool and suspended sludge layer fully washing factory contact and mix of sewage treatment equipment, conducive to the effective use of the whole ChiRong, give full play to the role, save investment and power consumption of the mixing facilities operating cost gas float into the sink back into the regulation pool, pool of biological sludge and water mix, hydrolysis into the pool together, saves return sludge pump sewage treatment equipment installation engineering, also formed suspended sludge hydrolysis in the bottom layer, the adsorption, intercept and biological degradation under the joint action of making hydrolysis to give full play to the function of the pool, at the same time, in which further digestion sludge, greatly reducing the amount of sludge at the same time, due to the long time running, make some packing, along with the return sludge into the hydrolysis adjusting pool, pool, lead to hydrolyze pool water perforated pipe plug on the choice of technology, considering the floating pool at every boot often unstable ( The process lasts about 30 min) , in order to prolong the life of biochar, after air floating pool set coagulation sedimentation tank, and sedimentation tank hydraulic retention time is longer, but due to the working condition is not stable in air flotation pool, into the tiny air bubbles on the sludge sedimentation tank has been attached, even if the residence time of 4 h, precipitation effect is not very ideal, in general, the process design in spite of the water can be biological sex is very poor, but as to give full play to the function of hydrolysis acidification pool, which laid a foundation for the subsequent aerobic biological treatment 2, grass cloth washing wastewater treatment draperies cleaning sewage treatment equipment is introduced when using primary treatment process, hospital sewage should be sewage and rainwater diversion and worker living area, only to the disinfection of hospital sewage treatment when washing plant wastewater treatment equipment using two suining sewage treatment equipment level and depth of processing, according to the needs, staff living area sewage can be merged with hospital sewage processing, its kitchen water must be set well apart, Pool) ,其出水汇流入化粪池,再进系统进行净化处理一级处理基本工艺流程 医院污水 → 化粪池 → 调节池 → 消毒接触池 → 排入市政二级处理基本工艺流程 医院污水→化粪池 → 调节池 → 生化池 → 沉淀池 → 消毒接触池 →排入市政用作医院污水消毒处理的化粪池要比用于一般的生活污水处理的化粪池有效容积大2~3倍故医院污水处理应设集水池,连续运行时,其有效容积按日处理水量的30~40%计算三、个体诊所污水处理设备水处理中的气浮法,常用混凝剂使胶体颗粒结成为絮体,絮体具有网络结构,容易截留气泡,从而提高气浮效率,水中如有表面活性剂可形成泡沫,也有附着悬浮颗粒一起上升的作用SBR法是近年发展起来的一种较为先进的活性污泥处理法,该处理工艺集曝气池、沉淀池为一体,连续进水,间歇曝气,停气时污水沉淀撇除上清液,成为一个周期,周而复始接触氧化法具有处理时间短、体积小、净化效果好、出水水质好而稳定、污泥不需回流也不膨胀大型工业污水处理设备、耗电小等优点沉砂处理的目的是去除污水中裹携的砂、石与大块颗粒物,以它们在洗涤厂污水处理设备后续构筑物中的沉降,防止造成设施淤砂,影响,造成磨损堵塞,影响管线设备的正常运行根据洗涤污水的水质,结合现有工程的实际运行情况,我们采用A2/O法同步脱氮除磷处理工艺
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