Washing factory sewage treatment equipment washing factory sewage treatment linen washing wastewater treatment equipment technology

by:Jinwantong     2020-11-30
Many netizens in consulting questions about washing factory sewage treatment equipment today small make up this site on the Internet to find the second article about introduce washing factory sewage treatment equipment related information, please follow look small make up water washing plant sewage treatment, grass cloth washing wastewater treatment equipment and technology, the so-called washing factory is washing factory washing all kinds of linen factory sewage treatment equipment, including hotel draperies, hospital draperies, factory uniform washed their enjoyment of sewage treatment plant equipment tendering as the life, but there is no denying the fact that factory can produce all kinds of waste water in the process of linen washing, also caused certain pollution to the environment, with the improvement of environmental awareness, asked the wastewater emissions must be processed to weifang voyage of sewage treatment equipment, environmental technology co. , LTD. Say to amount to mark - still need to find reliable trust manufacturer 180 - 5368 - 3502. Factory linen washing wastewater treatment equipment is designed for such research and development of a new type of equipment, wastewater due to its various advantages, the main or can be reached the standard of sewage treatment and gradually accepted by people and use linen washing wastewater treatment equipment commonly used process: a, laundry plant wastewater treatment equipment wastewater pollutants in divided into soluble organic matter and non soluble substances ( The SS) , soluble organic matter under certain conditions, can be converted into the solution and solution, one of the sewage treatment method is to add coagulant and flocculant convey to make the most of soluble organic matter of soluble substances, then all or most of the solution and solution ( The SS) Removal of sewage treatment in order to achieve the purpose of, and the main methods of removal of SS is the method of using air floatation ( 1) The main pollutants in waste water of complex - — Anionic surfactant into the water, together with other pollutants, after the formation of certain dispersed colloidal particles, the LAS wastewater such as surfactant to disperse and surface adsorption exists in the form of two kinds of colloidal particles, has a great influence on the physicochemical and biochemical properties of wastewater ( 2) 小型医院污水处理设备废水水质波动大,排放规律差 洗涤废水多偏碱性,PH值约在8~11之间,废水中LAS等阴离子表面活性剂负荷一般在10~60mg/L, COD差异可以从几百到几千毫克/升某些洗洗涤厂污水处理设备涤量大的洗衣厂废水中常常含有分子量大的表面活性剂,缺少微生物合成细胞所不可缺少的氮元素,使此类废水的生物降解难度大4、溶气气浮机气浮时向水中曝气,对去除水中的表面活性剂及臭味有明显的效果,同时由于曝气增加了水中的溶解氧,为后续处理提供了有利条件二、服装厂水洗车间废水处理制衣厂废水处理设备工艺介绍通过脉冲进水器形成瞬时大流量以及与多点进水相结合,可以在水解池的底部形成悬浮的污泥层,同时又使得水解池废水中污染物与悬浮污泥层充分的接触和混合,利于整个池容的有效利用,充分发挥作用,节约搅拌设施投资及其动力消耗的运行费用气浮池生物污泥回流到调节池进水槽,与进水充分混合,一起罐头污水处理设备进入水解池,既节省了回流污泥泵,也在水解池底部形成了悬浮污泥层,在吸附、截留以及生物降解的共同作用下使得水解池的功能得以充分发挥,同时,污泥在其中进一步消化,大大减少了污泥量同时,由于长时间的运行,使得部分填料脱落,随回流污泥进入调节池、水解池、导致水解池部分进水穿孔管的堵塞在工艺的选择上,考虑到气浮池在每次开机时往往不洗涤厂污水处理设备稳定( The process lasts about 30 min) , in order to prolong the life of biochar, after air floating pool set coagulation sedimentation tank, and sedimentation tank hydraulic retention time is longer, but due to the working condition is not stable in air flotation pool, into the tiny air bubbles on the sludge sedimentation tank has been attached, even if the residence time of 4 h, precipitation effect is not very ideal, in general, the process design in spite of the water can be biological sex is very poor, but as to give full play to the function of hydrolysis acidification pool, which laid a foundation for the subsequent aerobic biological treatment
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