Wastewater Treatment BOD - How to Determine the

by:Jinwantong     2020-08-01
The treatment of wastewater relies heavily on the presence of favorable conditions in the treatment ponds. The treatment has to be carried out under these controlled conditions to be effective. In this article I discuss one parameter that helps maintain favorable condition in wastewater ponds.
Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD): For this parameter, no standard has been set for drinking water use. The wastewater treatment BOD requirement is an indication of the degree of pollution of water by biodegradable organic substances.
The biochemical oxygen demand test (BOD) is an empirical one that determines the relative oxygen requirements for the various organic substances present in water, as they are bio-degraded by aquatic microorganisms. The study of the biochemical consumption of oxygen provides information on the processes of the degradation of organic compounds. This process can be assessed by the measurement of the amount of oxygen used up and the rate of oxygen consumption. The process is a complicated one, and depends on the various organic compounds present in water, the types of microorganism available and on many other parameters such as pH, DO content, nutrient levels, the presence of toxic substances, the adaptation of the microorganisms to the organic substances etc.
Thousands of different organic compounds may occur in water because the environmental conditions vary so much. For this reason, the process of determining the wastewater treatment BOD is very difficult.
Usually, the kinetics of the processes is summarized in the form of first order equations (unimolecular reactions). These equations are used to describe many chemical reactions. The reactions of biochemical degradation of organic bacteria compounds may be expressed by the general equation: Organic substances + O2 -> Co2 + H2O + more bacteria.

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