Wastewater treatment equipment of cattle and sheep slaughtering pigs chickens and ducks slaughtered wastewater treatment equipment the overall process design

by:Jinwantong     2021-01-28
Many netizens in consulting about slaughter wastewater treatment equipment today small make up this site on the Internet to find three articles about introduce slaughter wastewater treatment equipment related information, please follow look small make up sailing environmental protection technology co. , LTD. Weifang using anaerobic - A lack of oxygen - 好氧法处理屠宰污水 ,具有工艺简单、运行可靠、管理方便、造价低廉、比常规好氧处理节电根据本工程污水的水质、水量,本污水主要处理工艺`过程设计如下:废水首先由排水管路汇总后先经细格栅进行处理,屠宰污水处理设备去除废水中的大颗粒悬浮物、毛、碎骨分离去除污染物后的废水自流进入调节池,隔油沉淀池上浮分离的油进入集油池定期外运处理屠宰废水处理工艺很多,自然生态处理、生物处理、化学处理均有应用,各种工艺均有其优点和局限性,应根据进水水质的特点、处理和排放要求并综合考虑经济、管理因素选择最佳的屠宰场污水处理设备及工艺,并注意不同屠宰废水处理工艺的组合使用所以,废水零排放厂家建议广大用户在选择污水处理设备和工艺时也可以屠宰污水处理设备根据设备的性能、管理以及费用方面进行考量,选择符合自身情况的设备和工艺一、生猪屠宰污水处理畜禽屠宰废水处理设备发展应用气浮池、UASB 厌氧池、接触屠宰污水处理设备氧化池剩余污泥进入储泥池浓缩后,在污泥脱水车间用带式浓缩脱水一体机进行压滤脱水,干污泥定期外运处置,储泥池上清液和压滤液回流到厂区污水系统进行再处理UASB 反应器采用钢筋混凝土结构,通过配水、反应、三相分离过程,使水中的有机物与颗粒污泥充分接触,产生剧烈反应,从而去除水中COD、BOD5同时增强废水的可生化性接触氧化池采用附近城市污水处理厂的好氧脱水污泥,投加活性污泥14 t,投加浓度约为1 000mg/L,投加完毕后,静态闷曝24 h,每班排除部分上清液,开进水泵1 台1 h,即每班150 m3,一天3 班,共进水450 m3/d,此阶段不排泥,此后逐步加大处理负荷,同时进行进、出水水质及反映活性污泥性能指标的测定,包括SV、MLSS、SVI、COD、BOD5等采用UASB+接触氧化工艺处理该肉类加工企业的屠宰生产废水能有效地去除水中的COD、BOD5、SS 及NH3- N, discharge waste water meet meat processing industrial water pollutant discharge standards in tianjin sewage treatment equipment ( GB 13457 - 92) Livestock slaughtering processing level of emission standards used in UASB + contact oxidation process the enterprise slaughtering and meat processing wastewater is feasible, effluent water quality can reach the meat processing industry water pollution discharge standard completely meat processing industrial water pollutant emission standards ( GB 13457 - 92) Senseless slaughter processing level of emission standards in two, cattle and sheep slaughtering pigs chickens and ducks wastewater treatment equipment the overall process design that weifang sailing environmental protection according to the characteristics of the slaughter wastewater has developed professional slaughter wastewater treatment equipment, to separate the slaughter wastewater treatment process design, can better import sewage treatment equipment is more effective in the treatment of different types of slaughter wastewater, more design details of the technical parameters and equipment can be 180 - 5368 - 3502. (3) suspended solids content is higher in waste water and suspended solids content of SS is 250 mg/L, in addition to the inorganic impurity particles, also contains a lot of illiquid organic compounds such as lipids and proteins, they make up about 40% of CODCr - 50%, according to the water quality, it can be seen that the wastewater can be better biological sex, water quality, turbidity, perishable easy rotten, form scum, in the biological treatment must undergo pretreatment before the company after the production waste water and sewage mixed fine grille will remove a big particle impurities in waste water, then flows into the drain tank, the drain tank to remove blood, grease and other pollutants, the water into the regulation pool, adjust the water in which the line after spate separation, can satisfy the water contains a lot of fat, if you don't take measures in time to remove, may have a great impact on the subsequent processing, the drain tank can remove larger particles, settlement of suspended solids, remove grease pollutants such as wastewater, slaughter wastewater treatment equipment for subsequent wastewater create conditions due to the wastewater containing a certain amount of insoluble organic matter are difficult to be removed ( Such as oil) , macromolecular organic pollutants ( Such as proteins) And long chain organic pollutants ( Such as fiber) Before, therefore, must be conducted in the aerobic treatment, anaerobic treatment is chosen as the good
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