Weifang sewage treatment equipment known to spread to prevent pneumonia 48 new word code

by:Jinwantong     2020-11-25
Many netizens in consulting about weifang sewage treatment equipment today small make up this site on the Internet to find the four article about introduction weifang sewage treatment equipment related information, please follow look small make up spread by content quality, interactive comment, share, and so on multi-dimensional score decided to weifang sewage treatment equipment, decoration level is higher, ) , on behalf of its inside platform of integrated performance, the better one, the villages and towns hospital sewage treatment equipment of sewage treatment equipment village sewage wastewater treatment equipment function according to different degree of pollution of water treatment equipment oxidation pool is divided into several levels, the integration of sewage treatment equipment normal and enhanced integrated wastewater treatment equipment processing time is not more than four hours of using conventional oxidation pond, processing time in the 4 - 6 hours between the use of the enhanced oxidation pond aerobic pool is provided by the fan air, pool using new elastic solid packing, integrated wastewater treatment equipment the filler surface area than the big, long service life, weifang sewage treatment equipment, corrosion resistant, easy to hang membrane, bottom adopts spiral mixed type aerator, make high dissolved oxygen transfer rate, and has the advantages of light weight, not aging, not easy jam, villages and towns sewage treatment facilities in order to make a further oxidative decomposition of organic matter, at the same time under the condition of carbonation in complete nitrification can proceed smoothly, in O level setting low organic loading of aerobic biological contact oxidation pool integration AO biological treatment process of wastewater treatment equipment adopt push biological contact oxidation pool, it is superior to the processing of completely mixed or secondary and tertiary series hybrid biological completely after slaughter wastewater treatment equipment processing equipment contact oxidation pool at the same time in the biological contact oxidation pool used the new elastic solid filler, it has a real big surface area, the microbial membrane, membrane is convenient, in the same condition, organic load is higher than other fillers on the removal rate of organic matter, can increase the oxygen in the air in the water solubility in AO in weifang in biological treatment process with the biological contact oxidation pool, sewage treatment equipment its packing volume load is low, its own in the microbial oxidation stage, therefore less sludge production O level biological pool: O biological pool level to promote the type of biological contact oxidation, sewage for 5 - stay in the pool for a time Six hours, packing for the elastic solid packing, packing three specific surface area of 200 m2 / m3, village sewage treatment equipment expressway service area generally far from cities, not directly into the municipal sewage pipe network, urban sewage emissions if not treated on-site, would be harmful to the environment, even cause disputes, affect the normal operation of the service area, so you need to set up a separate distributed sewage treatment system for processing the main processing method is laboratory wastewater treatment equipment using biochemical treatment technology contact oxidation method, combination of integration design of sewage treatment equipment mainly sewage and similar industrial organic wastewater treatment calculated on general sewage water quality, water quality parameters of BOD5 at 200 mg/L water is mainly using hydrolysis acidification pool artesian water to the contact oxidation pool for biochemical treatment wastewater by biological contact oxidation pool artesian water into the tank, after further precipitation to remove the fall off of biofilm and part of the organic and inorganic particles, settling basin is based on the principle of gravity, when sewage containing suspended solids from the bottom to upper weifang sewage treatment equipment moving, by gravity, the material will settle tank emitted excess sludge aerobic digestion of stability in the pool, and to reduce the volume and improve the stability of the four, sludge UASB anaerobic reactor design considerations for material selection and UASB anaerobic filter bed to the requirement of water distribution is consistent, so the result also can adopt organic load (other reactor design reference q) Or hydraulic retention time ( HRT) Design UASB reaction weifang sewage treatment equipment is currently the most main method adopts UASB processing mainly for solubility table 4 typical each inlet wastewater inlet pipe mouth when the load of sludge load ( m2) Load ( kgCOD / m3·d) Granular sludge 0. 5 ~ 1 2. 0 1 ~ 2 2 ~ 4> 2> 4 coagulation flocculent sludge in UASB reactor with foreign most outstanding feature of this is a lot water by gravity is dispersed pulse water way way ( A tube a hole) , if the water level difference water level slightly higher than reactor ( Water level difference is less than 10 cm) To block a happen very often
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