What about lamella settler production experience of Jinwantong?
Qingdao Jinwantong Environmental Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has rich experience in producing lamella settler and other types of products. Regarding the production capacity, we have introduced modern and advanced machines which can run at a fast speed. They can run continually for 24 hours while generating no errors relying on their strong performance. After years of growth, we can oversee the daily operations of the manufacturing process and predict what may happen in the process, and then take preventive measures to avoid the mistakes or bad things from happening. Please be rest assured that we are one of those honor-certified and highly-recognized companies.

Jinwantong has been exporting its high quality lamella clarifier for years. Jinwantong's sludge dewatering series contains multiple sub-products. The production of Jinwantong sand filter water treatment adopts modern innovation concepts in consistence with industry trends. Its design will take into account local electricity. The product has consistent quality, stable performance, and long service life. Its components have exceptional resistance to chemicals.

When promoting green, cyclic, and low-carbon development becomes a trend, we act flexibly to this change. We readjust the production structure to a greener way and seek more forms of waste conversion to reduce pollution.
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