What Are the Different Types of Pool Filters That

by:Jinwantong     2020-09-03
If you have a beautiful pool in your backyard, you naturally must be thinking of ways to keep it clean, and for this very purpose, you would need pool filters. There are many types of filters that you can opt for depending on your requirement. Basically the filters made use of are sand, D.E. and Cartridge filters. The sand filters are made in a way to enable it trap particles within the 20-100 micron range. With collecting dirt, the efficiency of the sand filter increases further and it can then trap more dirt. When the pressure gauge reads more than 8-10 lbs it's clean and its time to clean the collected dirt from the filter.
Generally a sand bed needs to be replaced once in every seven years. However, if the filter requires backwashing too often, then probably the sand bed is 'mudballed'. Next is the pool filters category is the D.E. filters. It can very easily trap particles within 3-5 microns; this consists of the particles that you cannot see with naked eyes, and when the pressure gauge reads more by 8-10 lbs then its time for backwashing. After the backwashing procedure is completed, fresh addition of D.E. filter powder is required, and this powder needs to be poured into the skimmer.
It is this powder that filters the pool water. To properly clean the D.E. filter grids, a yearly breakdown of the filter is necessary. The cartridge filter, a very well-known type of pool filters, is immensely popular in spas and also for above the ground pools. This filter traps dirt within 25-100 microns range. On the pressure gauge reaching more than 8-10 lbs, the cartridge is taken out of the tank and cleaned throughout with the help of a high pressure hose. Every time you get the filter cleaned its filtering ability gets reduced by some extent.
Depending on how much the cartridge is serving you, it generally needs to be replaced in 2-5 years. If however, the cartridge is too small and has accumulated algae and has been filtering lots of debris, then chances are that it needs to get replaced in 1-2 years. Is you want these pool filters to serve you well, you should maintain them properly. However, you should not try and overuse them, when it is required that the filters be changed, you should do so without delay if you want your pool water to be clean and healthy for use.
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