What Options Are Available For Pool Filters?

by:Jinwantong     2020-07-26
Today we know that pool filters are required to keep the pool clean. Yet we need to know which one you need to buy to keep your pool efficiently working. The three more popular varieties are discussed below.
* Sand Filters
The swimming pool sand filter have been found to be quite commonly used by pool owners around the world for the reason that the system is simple and uses silica sand to filter water which needs to be replaced only every two to six years. However, in recent times people are shifting from this kind of pool filters because they are quite a menace to maintain. The entire pool filtering process is not that satisfactory with this kind of pool filters. Also to maintain a sand filter is quite a task and hence it could turn out to be a burden for you in some time.
* Cartridge Filters
Another simple way to filter your pool by using paper to filter the debris out of the water, this one is a great choice as compared to sand filters. Not only are they easy to maintain but also the process of replacing the paper at intervals is quite easy as well. Installed inside the filter housing, these filters can last for a long period - as long as three to five years - only if taken proper care of. The only problem with using them is that the paper needs to be replaced occasionally and also they are priced in the range of moderate to expensive.
* DE Filters
Diatomaceous Earth Pool Filters use this material to clean the pool water. A natural method of cleaning the pool, this kind of pool filters uses the biological method of filtering the swimming pool water. Diatomaceous Earth is pre-mixed compound available in powder form that you can easily mix into the pool filter or directly into the pool as well. You can use the skimmer while adding the mixture into the pool to make sure that it is evenly distributed. Also make sure to keep the pool filter on so that the mixture gets mixed throughout. The filter grid will help you to filter out the pool and these grids can then be simply cleaned by soaking them in water or pressure cleaning them.
Amongst the three types of filters, the type of filter you need will depend on the size of your pool, time you can spend on maintaining it, and the money you are ready to spend on it. Comparatively, cartridge filters are found to be cost effective and most efficient as compared to the other two.

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