When was Jinwantong established?
The history of Qingdao Jinwantong Environmental Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is written by all our members and partners. Today, our traditions enable us to create value and perfect 48 for every level of customer. Over the years, we have made many breakthroughs and strategic choices. We have accumulated a wealth of industry experience and reputation.

Jinwantong stands out among other cavitation air flotation manufacturers in the industry. Jinwantong's cpi separator series contains multiple sub-products. Jinwantong chemical dosing system water treatment plant is fabricated using the latest production technology. It can be used to treat textile printing and dyeing wastewater, papermaking wastewater, food factory wastewater, medical wastewater, etc. The reproduction of a real-world color is made possible by this product that gives an amazing color quality. That’s why this product tops our sales list. It can produce purified effluent that is suitable for discharge or reuse.

We give priority to sustainability in the process od our business. We aim to improve our product quality in a sustainable manner and reduce waste as possible.
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