Which circular daf clarifier company doing OBM?
Qingdao Jinwantong Environmental Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is devoted to being one of the leading producers of OBM of premium quality daf clarifier . We will be responsible for everything such as the production and development, supply chain, delivery, and promotion. If you have any specification and Picture or Sample, please send the specification we will develop products according to your requirement.

Jinwantong has developed into a global company specialized in lamella clarifier. Jinwantong's wastewater treatment equipment series contains multiple sub-products. The product is competitive in terms of the quality, performance, durability, etc. Its components have exceptional resistance to chemicals. People can be assured that it does not contain any harmful substances in the timber or in the adhesives used in it. It is completely self-contained, simplifying maintenance and operation.

We work hard to protect the future for our natural resources. So we aim to effectively improve our use of raw materials, energy, and water in the manufacture of our products.
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