Why choose industrial wastewater treatment produced by Jinwantong?
Industrial wastewater treatment was launched on the market after decades of R&D and nice manufacturing. It's priced in the most competitive manner. Its quality is regulated and its after-sale support is comprehensive. A R&D team was constructed, where the members are well experienced. The market poll that is systematic also supports their R&D. This is a reason for the still popular industrial wastewater treatment which can meet different needs. An entire after-sale service system has been built to give services in time.

Qingdao Jinwantong Environmental Science and Technology Co., Ltd. produces the high quality cpi separator till now. Jinwantong's chemical dosing series contains multiple sub-products. The product excels in quality, performance, function, durability, etc. Its design is in strict accordance with Chinese GB and international ASME standards. Based on a modular design, the product ensures an easy and quick assembly and disassembly. In addition, it can be extended at any time. It brings efficient and effective wastewater treatment that helps companies to bolster their brand, their ROI and their bottom lines.

We have established a full set of the waste treatment process. During the production, wastewater, gases, and residue will be treated respectively using different waste handle machines.
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