Wuhan wastewater treatment equipment of sewage treatment costs high wastewater treatment equipment must invest the money

by:Jinwantong     2021-01-16
Many netizens in consulting about wuhan wastewater treatment equipment today this site four small make up on the Internet to find the article about the related data of wuhan wastewater treatment equipment, please follow small make up and see it for air flotation principle: the air into the treated water, and precipitation in the form of tiny air bubbles as the carrier, so that the flocculation body adhesion on the carrier of bubble, and then rose to the surface, forming foam scum ( Gas, water, particle three phase mixture) Break away from the water for hydraulic circulating clarifier: in under the action of water ejector, will pool the active sludge inhalation and raw water mix, thus strengthening the contact between solid particles and water adsorption, form good flocculation, accelerate the sedimentation rate be clarified water for tower biological filter is using a kind of aerobic microorganisms sewage structures, biological membrane method and treatment of domestic sewage and a basic method of organic industrial wastewater, through the practice of recent years indicate that tower filter to deal with cyanide, phenol, cyanide, formaldehyde and other toxic water effect is better, to deal with the water can meet the requirements of circular air float float, called the super-efficient shallow gas pool is on the market at present the most advanced air floating machine, mainly is to use the theory of shallow pool and zero velocity principle, and the efficient use of international advanced micro oxidation technology and high density of ion air bubbles, change the surface tension of water, promoted the dissolved oxygen in the water on a large scale, a large number of short chains of organic molecules and the water absorption of nonferrous group, has obtained the biochemical and physical and chemical are difficult to degrade COD of wuhan wastewater treatment equipment and technological breakthrough for digester usually refers to the sludge produced in wastewater treatment of anaerobic biological treatment, comprehensive outpatient department of sewage treatment equipment of hospital sewage treatment include general hospital, hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, hospital which combines traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine, the national hospital and specialized subject hospital, The infectious disease hospital ( Including tuberculosis hospital) Hospital, cardiovascular disease, cancer hospital, stomatological hospital, obstetrics and gynecology hospital, and psychiatric hospitals, etc. ) , as well as all types of hospital sewage treatment with nursing homes, rehabilitation hospital and other medical institutions, such as veterinary hospital sewage treatment project for the whole process of hospital sewage discharged, processing, to control the buried integrated equipment: suitable for wastewater discharge standards demanding a large quantity of water level hospital, secondary hospital, 3 / level hospitals, township hospitals integration of sewage treatment equipment quotation, community health center, central blood stations, civilian battalion hospital, specialized subject hospital, oral hospitals, nursing homes, hospitals, residential community, enterprises dormitory, expressway service area, hotel, food and beverage wastewater, sewage, sewage, villages and towns coal mine wastewater, the new rural sewage, no city pipe network coverage, farms, slaughterhouses, bean products factory, food wuhan wastewater treatment plant, aquatic product processing factory, washing plant a variety of other similar wastewater is a kind of biological contact oxidation pool hanging membrane method is given priority to, with activated sludge biological treatment device, by providing oxygen source, of organic matter degradation by microorganism adsorption, sewage, the purified water quality. General design in the process of considering contact oxidation time to 5 hours advisable, internal high specific surface area of the elastic filler, filling rate was 70%, the specific surface area of nearly 600 m2 / m3 according to the water pollutant discharge standard for medical institution ( GB18466 - 2005). Contact time should not be less than 1 for infectious disease hospital sewage. 5 hours, comprehensive hospital sewage contact time should not be less than 1. Zero hour 2, draperies washing wastewater treatment process equipment is mainly used for sewage and wastewater treatment equipment similar industrial organic wastewater treatment, the main processing method is used at present relatively mature biochemical treatment technology - Biological contact oxidation, design calculation is designed according to the general sewage water quality, water quality by the BOD5 an average of 200 mg/L, the effluent BOD5 was 200 mg/L design consulting industry sewage into the equipment on Settings - 15063679196 weeks - Adjust pool, to adjust the sewage water quality, water quantity, effective retention time is commonly 4 to adjust the pool 8 hours, adjusting pool inlet grille area, large particles which in sewage of elam sundry to ensure normal operation of the pump ( 1) Automatic grille: adjustment in the pool water from the pump to grid, grid is used to block tiny floater and suspended particles in wastewater, block load down the dirt with the grille harrow automatically into the sewage pool, sewage into the subsequent process, the grating as equipment imported from Japan, has good separation effect, Grid gap 5 mm to 10 mm) In addition to dirt, difficult to jam, automatically the advantages of long service life, 2) Anaerobic pool, anoxic setting for denitrification process, after grille separation of sewage flow into the anaerobic pool and touch the reflow nitrifying liquid mixture, place NZP - lack of oxygen in the pool 11 type packing as A carrier of denitrifying bacteria, packing of nitrogen, phosphorus and sulphur whereabouts effect is good, stay for 2 hours before and in the process of renewal of the sludge pool forming method of A/O process in wuhan, the combination of sewage treatment equipment, so as to achieve the goal of dephosphorization and denitrification
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