Zhengzhou sewage treatment equipment of garbage leachate wastewater treatment dump wastewater treatment process equipment

by:Jinwantong     2020-10-23
Many netizens in consulting about zhengzhou sewage treatment equipment today small make up this site on the Internet to find five article about introduction of zhengzhou sewage treatment equipment related information, please follow look small make up application: residential community, enterprise dormitory, expressway service area sewage treatment, sewage treatment hotel enterprise sewage treatment of coal mine, sewage treatment, sewage treatment, villa school new rural community sewage treatment, sewage treatment of villages and towns sewage treatment the characteristics: the equipment can be buried below the surface, the surface can be used as green land or square devices do not cover an area of surface area, do not need to build, more do not need to heating of the heat preservation, oral outpatient / 2 dental clinics in the sewage treatment equipment is appropriate housing nervous, small-scale community health clinics, dental clinics, hospital outpatient service, beauty, institutions and other needs of small-scale wastewater treatment unit of each discharge sewage gravity to the basement sump tank, and preliminary filter out particles of impurities, water level when the setting position of air switch, zhengzhou by lift pump to disappear automatically sewage treatment equipment alone contact tank and at the same time ( Single elimination, or elimination of ozone alone) , the mixture after mixing, stay in contact in the groove after a period of time, sufficient to kill the bacteria in sewage, meet the national standard, the water into the underground three layers of sump, and then discharged into municipal network, thus completed the process of each unit operation - medical sewage treatment equipment - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Wastewater treatment, sewage device or on the standard requirements are not centralized sewage treatment structures of the hospital, the infectious waste, must be carried out individually disinfection or other disposal, waste leachate wastewater treatment dump wastewater treatment process equipment first, sewage treatment equipment can be divided into three major standards, such as: first, the sewage equipment to a powerful sports load and fight to get to the rural and urban sewage discharge have commonness and characteristics, which requires the sewage treatment equipment to have heavy metal wastewater treatment equipment has a strong movement within the composite impact resistance and sewage treatment equipment does not filter out the sludge concentration needs long-term stability to achieve high density sewage treatment equipment need to develop an advanced intelligent zhengzhou sewage treatment equipment run unattended functional control, to control from the previous shift for today's unmanned sewage treatment equipment must have been the control center, operation, make each work instruction function a good sewage treatment equipment, must have good water quality for a long time, the key point is long-term and stability, to ensure equipment long-term good water quality, this is the sewage treatment equipment is one of the important second, sewage treatment equipment of several major standards but rely on disk tubular membrane reverse osmosis treatment leachate also exist the following problems: the garbage leachate wastewater membrane bioreactor ( MBR) Useful technology of domestic ceramic membrane and organic membrane 3 _ / 0 a MBR process engineering example of leachate, also quite successful membrane technology in leachate treatment has a good commercial concrete sewage treatment equipment offer good adaptability, 2) Ro membrane for N good intercept rate ( Can be up to 90%) , to a certain extent, can solve the zhengzhou late leachate effluent ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment equipment can not meet problems dairy products, dairy products processing factory sewage treatment equipment processing plant wastewater treatment equipment, food processing waste water is mainly from three production section water quality characteristics of food processing wastewater is mainly manifested in six aspects: 2, wastewater quantity size is differ, food industry from the family of small to large factories in suining sewage treatment equipment, product variety, the difference is very big, such as its raw material, process, scale quantity varies from several tons to every day thousands of tons of wastewater in regulating pool sewage fully mixed, regulating water and degradation of organic matter, and then through the sewage pump input sewage anaerobic pool, in the anoxic pool backflow mixture mixed with raw sewage fully, through the role of microorganisms and oxygen, nitrogen, nitrite nitrogen and nitrate nitrogen can be converted to complete denitrification denitrification, anaerobic pool water from flowing into the contact oxidation pool contact oxidation pool is a kind of give priority to with biological membrane method, both the biological treatment of activated sludge process device, through the blower bring zhengzhou sewage treatment equipment for oxygen source, made of organic matter and sewage pool in good contact with biofilm, the microbial adsorption and degradation of function, make the purified water quality
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